by kimberley

Welcome to Holiday Obsession Disorder!

Hi, my name is Kimberley

I am from the UK and I am a 90’s kid. I live with my long-term videographer boyfriend whilst working full time in London. (That chapter of my life has now finished – I am a country girl through and through!)

I love visiting new places as much as the next person, but due to my current lifestyle, full time travel has not been an option. So instead, I do the next best thing; annoying practically everyone I know (especially my boyfriend) by wanting to be on holiday all of the time.

Over the years, I have made it my mission to be as creative as possible with my annual leave and to ensure that each valuable day is spent outside of the UK, each year trumping the next. Whilst some people choose to spend their money on clothes, the latest technology or going out (for example), I spend mine on holidays. Once I have returned from one trip, the next one is booked!

Thus, one could say I am obsessed.

(Update March 2020 – Covid has put my travel plans somewhat on hold for now…)

Why the obsession?

Both my parents worked for the UK’s flag carrier airline, British Airways, but sadly my dad died before my 1st birthday, moments away from completing his official training to become a commercial pilot. Whilst I never got to know him, there are two things about my Dad which I came to learn:

• his absolute love and passion for flying, and
• his love for Disney.

I grew up listening to stories of my parents travels which took them across the world, the work opportunities they had been given and the developments of the aviation industry over time. I was handed photo albums which documented and shared these moments, including their frequent trips to Disneyland Anaheim and Disney World before my brother and I were born.

My mum took me on my first flight when I was 18 months old and since then, I have gradually fostered my own fascination with flying, travel and of course, Disney :).

Subsequently, I decided to create this blog to document all of my trips, primarily as a memoir for myself, but also for anyone else who is interested.

I hope you enjoy!